Aug. 2nd, 2009 02:58 pm
dameboudicca: Blowing papers (Default)
Back after a week of intense working over at the university library (which means no Internet for the whole day, and a very beat dB in the evenings)! It was an interesting experience, I have done many things, but never done an official translation before. If you are giving it your first try I would recommend you not to start with a text from 1906, written by a literally deranged Danish guy who is convinced Pan is Lucifer is Satan is Jupiter is Venus (et c. - and I'm not pulling any legs here) and the creator of everything. It's interesting, but when he can't even write complete sentences it's interesting in the 'I want to pull my hair off'-kind of way...

Now I can return to my lovely, and normal Etruscan roof-tiles, and my own writing. And my brains won't try to commit harakiri on me!


Jul. 17th, 2009 02:24 pm
dameboudicca: Blowing papers (Ouran - Neko)
Google sent me a letter today. Not a mail, a letter. Offering me a discount when making a Google-ad for my business.

I have just one question:

What business?

[I don't think offering my help when in need of translation to Swedish of occult texts from the 19th century really would give me that much money. Yes, I am a girl with some strange ways of earning a living...]

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