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It is really nice to be away out in the real world from time to time - at least if it involves working with books and writing (or doing stuff which will make it possible to do so). I went to the Swedish Book Fair in Gothenburg - a gigantic thing with all and everyone in the Swedish publishing world, and then some. The point is to find cheap books, especially those from publishing companies you've never heard of!

And if you have a nice idea for a nice book it might be a good idea to talk to a publisher about it. And shake hands with them you already write for.

Of course I did all of it. I have a suitcase full of books - everything from comics to archaeology reports (I have too many interests, I find too many books I like), shook hands and promised to mail an outline. I was so nervous talking business, but I still think it went well (at least, it obviously did not go wrong!).

Home again!

Sep. 7th, 2009 11:20 am
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And after some nice rest I might even catch up some here - well the key word is 'some' since ten days would be a lot of reading. If there is anything in particular I have missed please feel free to tell me! :)
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Nothing like a migraine to keep you away from the computer for a number of days! Sorry about that - I have them so rarely, why can't I skip them altogether?

Anyhow, this is mostly to say I won't be around much for a while - I'll be going to Germany tomorrow for about ten days. We are supposed to have Internet, so I might post - but I won't promise anything.

See you when I get back, otherwise!
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I have been terrible both with Dreamwidth and LiveJournal these past few weeks - I blame the weather. That followed by a week in the country (well, we do have Internet here - and I'm still here, but I'm leaving tomorrow - but you don't hang around on the computer all the time, not as you do at home) has made me a scare visitor here.

I will be better from now on - both with reading and writing.

(I like to post often, but recently that hasn't been happening...)

Oh and yes, almost forgot, I have been in my first car accident (I wasn't driving). In the battle between Ford and Mercedes, Ford is a clear winner - and thankfully I was in the Ford... We could drive away with nothing more than a dent and paint all over the trunk (unfortunately red paint which made the scene of the accident much more... colourful) - and I broke a nail!

And if all goes according to plan this is the last post (for a while) which is the same at both LJ and DW!

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I won't spam you with pictures (if you want that, you can visit me over at LiveJournal). The reason for this is simply that I first and foremost view this as a writing journal.

But there is always room for small exceptions, and I took quite a bunch of nice photos in London - so I'll be giving you a daily high-light. This is my favourite from the first day:
Photo from 3rd of June )

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I had had some plans on posting more when in London, but the connection was dodgy, to say the least, and since I thought I could do more valuable stuff with my time than writing a long and interesting post and then I wouldn't be able to post it, I didn't. Well, that and me being lazy and doing more stuff in a day than I would normally do in a week, which kind of also meant I was too tired to write something intelligent.

But anyway, I'm back. Later on I might post a picture or two - after sorting them out. I think I've gotten a couple of nice ones.

I will eventually post something on the subject of writing too. I have had some nice, new ideas. At the moment I'm not really able to put it into coherent sentences, though.

And have I missed anything important? Please, let me know if there is a post you've made you think I should know about - or be interested in! From now on, I will be better at reading your posts though, promise! :)

On location

Jun. 4th, 2009 10:47 pm
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So I am back in London for a week of fun and games, culture and entertainment. Same hotel, different season and different company. I loved it then, everything is pointing at me loving it just as much this time. And the room is better this time around too (not that it was bad in any way before - but a bathtub is always a bathtub, you know...

This far we have taken it rather easy, and it has been terribly nice - and not killing in any way. We stumbled into Victoria & Albert so that I could point out some nice samurai armours, and take a bunch of pictures of clothing (better camera this time than last), and visited the Freemasons to have a look around - and my boyfriend bought a cute teddy-bear complete with apron! We resisted the Masonic gift-wrapping paper though.

Of course we have gone shopping, no surprise there, and it is already time for me to start wondering about how I will get everything back with me. And we have eaten very well indeed. There are a bunch of nice restaurants just around the bend from where we are staying (Earl's court, South Kensington, btw), and today we tried out an extremely genuine Chinese... sorry Taiwanese, restaurant. We were just about the only guests in the vicinity not talking Chinese in some shape or form. And the food was great - a far cry from what you get at home (I had gigantic meat-ball with salted egg yolk).

And now, while my loved one is struggling with the last touches of the comments of a book-manuscript, I will try to get some writing done too!

I'm back!

May. 29th, 2009 11:16 am
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And aren't you happy to see me?

A bit tired from all the travelling, but otherwise quite all right. London next week... Hope it will be as rewarding as this trip!

And no, I won't catch up with all old entries, I simply do not have the time for it. But if you have written something important, or extraordinary, or something you think should interest me, please let me know! =)
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They say you learn as long as you live (though, I want to know who "they" are - "they" seem to know an awful lot, to say the least). Here are a few examples from the last few days here in Normandy:

¤ Farmers demonstrating can make you get lost in a big city. At least if they are French (I have yet to see a Swedish farmer do that). Their aim was higher pay for their milk, and the method was (apart from going on the free-way with their gigantic tractors which are fast compared to what I'm used to, but not THAT fast) to build road-blocks of manure and old tires. Preferably in the middle of the city - we had a horrible time in Cherbourgh, trying to find the way around, which was impossible when you couldn't go to the city centre. And now and then they put their road-blocks on fire. The smoke was fascinating. The smell somewhat less so...

¤ You can find the most amazing salmon at a small restaurant in the middle of nowhere, in the only restaurant the village had to offer (which says quite a lot, when French villages tend to have a restaurant at every corner).

¤ Frenchmen have a thing for baguettes.

¤ You can't enter Bayeux cathedral without interrupting some kind of service. At least this time it wasn't a funeral but a baptism. It is after all a more cheerful event, and the other plus is that it was quite all right to walk around the church while they were at it. (The kid did not seem to appreciate the drama all that much though, even though the priest did his best to sound cheerful and fun!)

¤ My understanding of French when written is about ten times better than I thought it would be. And you can actually have some use for a French-Swedish dictionary from 1915 (what can I say - it was cheap, and it is small enough to fit my handbag, even though it contains three times as much as a usual tourist-dictionary, thanks to its small print).

¤ Entering a real, small Romanesque church in the French countryside can actually make me feel all warm and happy inside.
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I am in Bayeux now, working on going to sleep... Finally I managed to have an Internet-connection. It works as long as my dad isn't on-line. The connections seems to compete and my laptop is loosing. I woke up this morning in Xanten - a small German town, which is interesting to anyone interested in Roman stuff.

Anyone who knows me could tell that is quite the right place for me. I took tons of pictures, loved the newly opened museum, and bought a book on the subject of the Roman colonia (big enough to kill someone with). Now I am looking forward to a few days of second world war memorials. At least that way it will be less pictures per day for me to sort, name and edit. But there are enough medieval stuff here too to keep me satsfied. And we are staying at the edge of town, with just a short walk to the countryside, with cows and flowering trees and all. That is very nice indeed.

(There will undoubtedly come pictures later on - but not now. I have to leave some things for when I get home too, you know!)

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