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I love writing on Stringtheory. I have yet to work the title into the story - but how hard can it really be? I love my characters, all three of them, I love writing something light and bright and sparkly - and still not end up with something where everyone will be totally blissfully happy in the end, even if they are nice enough characters. After all it's not a Harlequin Romance (they spend too much time at the clock (or is it watch? Not that it's bothering me, Swedish just has one word for it anyway) department of British Museum for that)!
dameboudicca: Blowing papers (Default)
Nothing like a migraine to keep you from your computer. And typical of me to have one of those which drags on for days and days and days... I am marginally better (well, that's why I'm here), but I'm not to hang around. That little margin I have to stare at a computer screen before going slightly mental again is to be spent on writing - because I have yearnings for that.

Anyhow, just to let you know I am alive (though not well), but also to say I will be going to the countryside for a couple of days - with really no internet whatsoever, so I will catch up after that.

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