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Time to print out three copies of Love and Friendship for those who will be reading this third (fourth) version of the story. Never been so particular about a story as this one - but then again I usually shove it in a drawer as soon as I've finished, and what good does that do? No, time to be serious about writing.
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Well, actually part infinite number since it's been an ongoing project since last summer - when I began writing this dramatic tale of... love (?) and... friendship (?).

Anyhow... I'm into the editing process right now. Not a place I'm terrible keen on visiting, but it has to be done. I passed the half-way mark yesterday, and looking at the finished product I must admit I'm very pleased. I just managed to save my male lead from acting all whiny and instead tapped into his true character of looking down on everything and everyone. You don't whine then, after all.

And next chapter will be staring Christmas. It is SO the wrong weather for that, but I can't very well wait for the season to turn to the right one, now can I?
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Right, I'm back. Just for a few days, but quite enough time to pop by here and do some updates on my writing.

In the end I managed to sort out my issues with the short story about Charlotte. I never could warm up to her completely - but I allowed myself to lean back, look at her and let her go loose and do her own thing, say her own lines and just pat her a tad bit on the head. It might need some rewriting, but all in all I like the result. More so than I thought I would.

The next short story in line is even more of a challenge for me. (But that was the point, right? Writing about stuff and people I usually try to avoid, hoping to learn something from it, in the process.) Though this might have been to bite off more than I can chew. What do I know about 18 years old boys, who are spoiled rotten by over-indulgent parents and who just happen to be gay to top it off. I will finish it though. I have to. Just because it will prove to me that I can. But I doubt I will write about such a character again - at least I will avoid having someone like that as a main character.

And when I was on the train I edited two whole chapters of Love and Friendship. Chapter 6 and 7 to be more precise. I do love that story, I love the characters and I get all warm and fuzzy when I work with them. I have this nagging suspicion, though, that anyone who has read the actual story would look at me with an odd expression in their eyes if I told them that. It's not a warm and fuzzy story.

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