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Today the home-delivery of furniture will land on our door-step - including a sofa and five book-cases.

The most scary thing about the five are that they are actually needed, or at least needed of a sort. Three are for me, which will bring my total up to eight. I did a calculation on where to place what - one for manga and Japan-related material, two for fiction, one for classics, and three for non-fiction (with two specifically for different eras in history - antiquity, middle ages/renaissance, early-modern, and modern). And this leaves me with one empty. I don't think I've calculated wrong and I need the space for other stuff (my own writing, magazines I'm published in, and the like), but I have a feeling it will eventually be full all the same.

And yes, if you hadn't figured that one out, I like sorting stuff!
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It is really nice to be away out in the real world from time to time - at least if it involves working with books and writing (or doing stuff which will make it possible to do so). I went to the Swedish Book Fair in Gothenburg - a gigantic thing with all and everyone in the Swedish publishing world, and then some. The point is to find cheap books, especially those from publishing companies you've never heard of!

And if you have a nice idea for a nice book it might be a good idea to talk to a publisher about it. And shake hands with them you already write for.

Of course I did all of it. I have a suitcase full of books - everything from comics to archaeology reports (I have too many interests, I find too many books I like), shook hands and promised to mail an outline. I was so nervous talking business, but I still think it went well (at least, it obviously did not go wrong!).

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