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I actually did it.

Writing 6000 words yesterday, that is. It helped that my aching joints and fever decided for me I'd better stay at home. Gave me plenty opportunity to write. It also helped to give my easygoing, bratty, spoiled, gay 18-year old a slight hint of angst - because that's easier. Perhaps not to relate to (not always anyhow) but at least write about.

All right, it's easier to relate to, too.

The next story in that series will be easier - as in me picking a story I can write more easily. After a couple of hard ones I deserve that.
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I would like to end my short story about John today - I need another 6000 words to get it where I want it. And at four (read 2½ hours) I am to be somewhere doing something completely different.

Which means I better get started.

But first off to wash my hair.
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A bit early for a big cleaning here, but a small one. Tried to customize my theme and make it a bit more me. I am not completely happy with it, but it's better than before. It will do for now and I can always fix it later.

And I upgraded my account. Lets face it - me and 6 icons. How long would that last?

(I have done some writing too - on a spin off to one of my short stories. Can you even do that? I mean, for real?)
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Right, I'm back. Just for a few days, but quite enough time to pop by here and do some updates on my writing.

In the end I managed to sort out my issues with the short story about Charlotte. I never could warm up to her completely - but I allowed myself to lean back, look at her and let her go loose and do her own thing, say her own lines and just pat her a tad bit on the head. It might need some rewriting, but all in all I like the result. More so than I thought I would.

The next short story in line is even more of a challenge for me. (But that was the point, right? Writing about stuff and people I usually try to avoid, hoping to learn something from it, in the process.) Though this might have been to bite off more than I can chew. What do I know about 18 years old boys, who are spoiled rotten by over-indulgent parents and who just happen to be gay to top it off. I will finish it though. I have to. Just because it will prove to me that I can. But I doubt I will write about such a character again - at least I will avoid having someone like that as a main character.

And when I was on the train I edited two whole chapters of Love and Friendship. Chapter 6 and 7 to be more precise. I do love that story, I love the characters and I get all warm and fuzzy when I work with them. I have this nagging suspicion, though, that anyone who has read the actual story would look at me with an odd expression in their eyes if I told them that. It's not a warm and fuzzy story.
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How hard can it be to type up a story of about 10 000 words, when your know (sort of) what is going to happen? Especially as I can, without that much effort, write 2-3000 words a day. And still this poor story has been dragging on for a week or so, by now.

I think, if I am to be totally honest, the main problem is the main character - Charlotte - herself. She is not a very likeable character. She is very much like me, when I was eighteen years old, and I kind of suspect that I would not like myself either if I ran into myself today. And yet I have to show her in a probable light, not coming off as universally unlovable, even though she might feel that way to me. To top it off, I also have to make it at least probable she would awaken some kind of interest in a rather successful man, seven years her senior. 

Well, one of the points with this project (the collection of short stories I have given the work-title 25 faces) was to explore writing about characters I would not normally care for and therefore just stay away from. I guess it is a good thing challenging myself from time to time. How do you develop as a writer if you do not, after all?


May. 4th, 2009 01:27 am
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(Well, if this is supposed to be about creativity, I might as well write about creative stuff - right?)

My writing for the moment is rather slow. It is kind of annoying, because I have some great ideas - but for once there seems to be a problem to get them from head to paper. It could have something to do with my aching fingers, but it is still annoying. I am working on a rather big project at the moment, 25 short stories, set in a school-class. Each short story follows one of the students for a week, and sometimes they pop up later on in other stories, and so far I have finished four.

The fifth I am working on is the story of Charlotte, who spends her afternoons writing in a small café - and eyeing up a man who always comes there on Mondays. So far, so good, but the writing still goes slow, I know what I want to happen, and I can kind of get it to move in the general direction of that, but that is about it. It's like wading through mud.

Usually when things like that happens I know it means I have to delete some of the text and rewrite it - but I actually don't think that's the problem now. I just need to keep on pulling. It might end up in something worth while, after all!

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