Sep. 28th, 2011

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 (Right, must remember to log in here from time to time - don't want to let this place go to waste... A new year has begun now, so it is a good time as any to start over, or more exactly continue like I had planned.)

My second writing project for the moment is a story which I for some reason have given the name "String theory". It has the nickname "The String". After all, every good story must have a nickname. It is some 30 chapters, and some 100 000 words - though I must admit that I, at the moment, am too lazy to actually check the figure. My boyfriend called the book's genre "intellectual chick lit" which might be quite correct. It is definitely a comedy, in any case. And it's in the editing stage now, which is exciting and scary all at once.

The main character is Anna, a 22-years old girl living at home with her mother and older sister, who takes a break from her studies to take the job of her dreams. That is, taking the job as a personal assistant to a world famous writer whom she has admired incredibly much since she read his first book when she was 15. The problem is, of course, that he has no reason to hire a young university student, so she lies on her resume and about her age (and plays a few other tricks as well, to be sure to get the job). Not that it's a very glamorous job, she mostly has to run errands for him (buying coffee, shirts, and things like that), answer his fan-mail and stay out of the real work - done by the writer and his secretary, Renard, who is anything but friendly towards Anna. But the secretary has to work with her to make the life for the writer as smooth as possible, and Anna (who is a friendly soul) tries her best to get along with everyone - though being so close to an admired author makes her come to the conclusion she might prefer the books to the person behind them. And when she gets drunk after finding out her ex-boyfriend is dating her sister it is the very bemused secretary who has to help her, which isn't the best start on a beautiful friendship, to say the least. 

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