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 At the moment I'm working on six stories (writing 4, editing 2), and that is quite a lot even for me. A couple at a time is not unheard of, but this.... What can I say - I get a lot f bright ideas and I didn't want to loose any of them and save them for "later". Later is a dangerous time. 

So what am I writing at the moment? I'm sure you're all dying to know (let a girl have her dreams, right)!

The first one is by far the eldest - I started it in 2008, but on the other hand this is the fifth version of it. The differences between some of the versions are small, between others much greater, in version four I added a couple of chapters and expanded others to get a better flow. And this fifth one is editing around the comments of two trusted readers - to check for things I've missed and to make sure the right point comes across. For example, if my main character is to be upset I don't want her to seem frightened for her life necessarily. As a writer you so desperately want the feelings to come across that it's easy to make it too obvious, and too thick with it. 

The story is about a girl  who gets pressured, by her family, to get engaged to a posh young man (his father has just bought her father's business, discovered some illegal affairs and quite simply threatens to go to the police if the family doesn't comply with their wishes - so she gets engaged to someone she has never met to keep her father out of prison). And to make her a proper wife she is sent of for her last year of school to an expensive boarding-school, the same school her fiancé is attending and is the admired (and somewhat feared) head of the student council. And then she has little less than a year getting to know him (easier said than done), figuring out why she got dragged into something like this and learning Hamlet. Apart from Sarah and Daniel, the main characters, other important figures are Helena - whom Sarah shares a room with - and their English teacher Mr. Smith (young, sadistic and a smoker who rents a one bedroom apartment in a nearby village).

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