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 My as yet untitled novel is finally finished (at the moment it has the uninspiring work title of "The personal ad" - but that won't work if I ever make something real of it). It came in just under 125,000 words which I think is a good length for a normal book. I fear it's a romance, which is a genre I don't read much myself - but at least the love interest is not a man most women would actually want much to do with. No, he is not abusive, he is not unfaithful, but he is very full of himself and doesn't really care about the consequences his actions have for others.

But as I am the author I know he cares for my main character very much so I'll let him have her - and hope she won't suffer too much from it.

The funny thing is (or perhaps the scary thing is) that this is the third time I write this story. The first time was back in 2009 when I bought the book "They call me naught Lola - Personal ads from the London review of books" (look it up, buy it, it's hilarious) and that gave me the idea for a writer working for a lifestyle magazine who is pressured by her boss to put such an ad in a paper and go dating and then write about it. The first time around I wrote the beginning of the story and then the end, and realized that perhaps there need to be something more in it - not to mention that the motives for the characters were a bit... unfinished. So I scrapped it.

Version two became much longer than that, I kind of knew where I wanted the story to go this time - I actually finished it. Sort of. The only problem was that most of the story was the main character walking around just waiting - waiting for her dates, waiting for her boss, waiting for her ex, and the chapters where something interesting actually happened were few and far between. It would have been a drag for anyone to read. It was a drag even for me.  So, it was finished, but that didn't make me much happier and I felt I had let a great idea go to waste.... Didn't like that. 

So in April this year I went for a third round, and seeing the structural difficulties I had had, I planned the story  much more than I ever do. I kept some scenes (though I rewrote them completely) from version 2 and took away all the annoying waiting, I still had e-mail conversations between the main character and her boss between (most of) the chapters, and I finally managed to make sense of why things turned out the way they did, I finally understood why my characters acted the way they did (I even managed to understand why she had dumped her last boyfriend). And I had a lot of descriptions (which is where I mostly fail otherwise). Now I'll have to let it rest before beginning the editing. I'd better since I have another to do in between. And I have some new stories to write on too, I have something to fall back on (I hate finishing a story and then having nothing new to turn my attention to, it's not good for me). 

So I'll end this with some happy jumping up and down. *jumps happily up and down*

Date: 2011-09-09 05:31 pm (UTC)
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That's such a fantastic idea for a book. I keep toying with the idea of using a personal ad as plot device - I'm also hugely inspired by the idea behind the missed connections section on Craigslist.

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